the one who walks here is all things.
cradle songs of comfort and bones gnawed by teeth.

i did self-portraits for my blog ^^^

im not sorry for how much i love theoutsiderwalksamongyou (thats a lie) (im sorry) (im so so sorry)

my koala witch came back from the colonies!!!

a sketch page of modern nerd musician D’Artagnan rocking and rolling and all those other things that modern nerd musicians do

for jessimond!!


CAZ’S COMMISSIONS: Oh God Oh Man My Rent Increased edition!

I’ll draw pretty much anything, people and furries, gore and body horror, nsfw and sfw, whatever you’re after. I can do a bunch of different styles; click “examples” below for, well, examples.

Email me at and let me know what you’d like! Please don’t use tumblr asks to commission me, because they’re pretty unreliable.

Prices are all in USD. To find the price in your local currency, you can google “x USD in [your currency’s initials]”, or use the google currency converter. Paypal is preferred, but I’m willing to work out other options if you want.

1. SKETCH / LIMITED COLOUR - [examples]

  • fullbody & waist up: $10/character
  • bust: $7
  • 1000px page of awesome sketches: $10

2. FULL COLOUR - [examples]

  • fullbody & waist up: $20/character
  • for a detailed background or border, add $15
  • bust: $15

3. PAINTINGS - [examples]

  • fullbody & waist up: $60/character
  • for a detailed background or border, add $40
  • bust: $30

updated the heck out of my commissions sheet ayyy


hello how did you know that trash beings are my chosen people


mermaids in eleven!


some things i headcanon about kevin:

• exactly what you see in his eyes and his smile depends on you and what you’re particularly uncomfortable with seeing. is it bugs? is it blood? does he have rusting metal teeth? are there crocodiles in there? you won’t know until you look!

• but he always has wasted and creased and red-raw skin and muscle around his eyes and mouth from smiling. too much. too much smiling. he hasn’t stopped smiling since God found him. how could he possibly stop. even the pain as his face aches and his muscles eat themselves only makes him smile even more.

• he has an odd but fashionable look, smart-casual, that’s very clean and friendly like a nice perpetually-good-humoured children’s tv host who is up to HERE with his co-hosts and the children but it wouldn’t be nice to shout and he can’t disappoint the viewers so he keeps smiLING…….. so i’ve put him in a rather lovely 70s vest suit. in the colours of the sun, of course.

• also i gave him something like this as his tongue because that’s gross.


OOPS i still have a bunch of these to do!!