threw something together for my new layout loop zoop

i adore mortis ghost’s art style it makes me so happy

welcome to the never-ending hell that is finalising your ocs’ designs

house party at fontaine’s and only jack is invited

im 4 years old and my sweater is soaked, mom can you come get me

gently attempts to draw milesupshur's jack and atlas swapping spit drugs

now everybody look at this ridiculous self-indulgent thing

don’t drink the coffee, it’s mindfuck flavoured

Me and glitchedwitch were chatting about a japanese street fashions Bioshock AU, as one does, and we decided that Jack would be a mori girl



some splicer designs! the sellotape selfies going around are very inspiring.

lady on the bottom will brag to anyone she meets that this is all her natural hair (it’s not). dude on the top right has a third set of teeth growing out of his gums, and it’s probably very uncomfortable.


the bioshock kink meme kindly gave me an excuse to doodle even more chubby bara jacks than i would usually. thanks bioshock kink meme.

featuring a bonus daemon headcanon because nobody can stop me

so enjoy